As a manufacturer and distributor of cutting edge products and components, much of our work is based around technical custom design and engineering.

In order to provide technology that is perfectly suited to our customer’s specific requirements we need to apply meticulous attention to detail from the outset of the design process.

Our distribution division is one of a handful of providers offering a technical design-in service to the electronics OEM community. By assisting our customers with the integration of components into their products we bring great value, working hand-in-hand with them as their projects progress from research & development to volume production.

Our manufacturing division uses the very latest computer aided design software, enabling highly experienced engineers to bring to life products that are perfectly optimised to provide prime performance and reliability, whether this be an antenna, battery pack or entire computer system.

We are also able to customise our existing products for applications where full custom design is not necessary. This offers substantial cost savings, yet still results in a product that is optimised to provide maximum performance based on our customer’s requirements.

Dedicated design and engineering teams are located at each of our manufacturing facilities. This enables our engineering team to be highly efficient and responsive as design focus on each product area is absolute.

It is this attention to detail, right at the start of each project, that enables us to create products that fit seamlessly into the operating environment of each application; providing a unique level of performance that simply cannot be achieved with more conventional products.

Solid State also has a subsidiary, eTech Developments, which was established to provide expert consultancy and product development services. Specialising in electrified powertrain components and systems, such as advanced battery systems and power electronics, eTech is able to work to the highest levels including experience of ISO 26262 standard for functional safety, advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and other key design process tools.